From The Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) –

CMS has experienced an increase in complaints about possible identity theft.   As the Medicare open enrollment period (October 15 through December 7, 2012) gets closer, many new telemarketing schemes involving Medicare Advantage and the Prescription Drug Benefit Program (Part D) are expected to emerge.

Based on this recent surge of complaints, CMS is encouraging distribution of a fraud alert such as the one provided below.


Seniors in the Michigan area have been recently targeted by a fraudulent telemarketing scheme.

Random callers have telephoned seniors claiming that Medicare is sending all seniors new cards.  The callers have asked these seniors to verify their name and address and then asked for their bank’s name, and in some cases, more detailed banking information.  These seniors were targeted by a Medicare telemarketing fraud scheme.

Please be aware, this fraudster and others like him are still making calls to seniors across the country in an attempt to steal their identities for fraudulent purposes.  It’s important to remember:

  • The only time you need a new Medicare card is when you have misplaced an old one or enroll in a new plan
  • Never give your financial information or social security number over the phone
  • Never give your Medicare plan number to someone you do not know, and
  • Immediately end any phone conversation with anyone who asks for this information over the phone.
  • Please report this event to your health plan.

If you get a similar call, please report it to 1-800-MEDICARE.

Help us stop these fraudsters from taking advantage of unsuspecting seniors.