Historian Margot Canaday is looking for LGBT older adults to interview on their experiences in the workplace from 1945 through the present.

I am a historian and I am writing a book on LGBTs in the workplace, roughly 1945 to the present.  I am doing the research in a variety of different ways, but interviews with LGBTs seniors about their experiences in the workplace will be a major part of the study.  Accordingly, for the past year, I have been interviewing LGBT seniors age 70 and older about their working lives.  Because I am striving for regional diversity in my study, I am now hoping to be able to do some interviews in the Detroit area.   I am particularly interested in talking to blue collar workers and people of color, but really I would be pleased to interview anyone who is 70 or older who  might be interested to have a conversation with me about their experiences in the workplace, whether positive, negative, or neutral.

Interviews last around an hour or 90 minutes; most everyone I have talked to so far seems to have found the experience enjoyable and/or meaningful.  I protect the anonymity of my interview subjects.

If interested in participating or for more information, contact Margot Canaday at mcanaday@princeton.edu