TANVEER ALI | NOV 12, 2012

Roger Byers, 68, is poised to do something that would’ve been unthinkable for someone like him just a few years ago. Byers grew up among a generation of gay men who fought for every right and scrap of acceptance.

Now, he plans on marrying the love of his life and settling down in one of the nation’s first affordable housing developments aimed at LGBT seniors. “I’d like to be a pioneer on this matter,” says Byers, a Chicago resident, of the development. “It is an environment that I can say with pride that whoever lives there is going to be pleased and be able to be themselves.”

Old age often hits LGBT seniors hard. They can easily find themselves back in the closet after moving into housing communities where openness to queer lifestyles isn’t pervasive. Loneliness is magnified. Senior gay men, survivors of the AIDS crisis, may have few living friends and lovers.  Read More…