LGBTOAC logoVassar Byrd, CEO of the Eldercare home Rose Villa, was flabbergasted when she learned that a lesbian couple was pretending to be sisters to avoid being mistreated and she decided it wasn’t going to happen in the retirement community and care center she ran. “The fact that we are friendly to gay and lesbian folks is not enough. We have to be way more proactive so that everyone knows they’ll be treated with respect and that they’ll be welcome here, because that is not the case in the world at large.”     Read more about Rose Villa here.

The LGBT Older Adult Coalition is looking for someone leading a similar organization in Michigan.  There are currently no known such facilities and the coalition is looking to partner with an existing organization to create a safe living environment for LGBT older adults and seniors.

Are you or do you know of a retirement center or community, senior living facility, independent apartments, assisted living, nursing care or other older adult living system in Michigan that would like to become known for its inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender older adults?  Please contact us today.