Q-CenterJoin the Faith Alliance in having a presence at Sacred Heart Major Seminary on both Friday and Saturday March 7th and 8th. (Sacred Heart is located on Chicago Blvd and Linwood in Detroit) The Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit Family Life Ministry is sponsoring a 2-day workshop presentation to promote the “COURAGE/ENCOURAGE” Apostolate in our region. Their founder was the late Fr. John Harvey O.S.F.S. and known advocate of anti-gay rights and conversion therapy which has been discarded by every major professional organization for the past several decades.

The guest speaker at these event is their current National Director Rev. Paul Check who is still promoting 12 step programs for those with same-sex attractions. (Note well: they never use the words Gay or Lesbian as they consider these to be sinful and sick!) There will be representatives attending the sessions including Catholic PFlag members.  We would like to see an outdoor presence at the parking lot gates to carry signs of acceptance and love to those who will attending this attempt at Catholic Brainwashing to let attendees know that GLBT is a loving way of life and denial by these two groups is both unhealthy and dangerous for those whose God-given orientation is to be fully integrated as loving and spirit-filled beings. Please attend and encourage your friends and congregations to join us on these 2 days from 8:30-10AM on these days.