Healthcare workerOn Saturday, March 8th from 12:00pm – 3:00pm, Affirmations, along with Advantage Health Centers, MichUHCAN, and Jamison & Green Associates present an Obamacare Education and Enrollment Event. This event will be part of a larger effort to encourage the LGBT community to get Out2Enroll. Health care reform through Obamacare ensures equal access to health care coverage for LGBT individuals. Insurance companies can no longer discriminate against individuals based on pre-existing conditions, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The LGBT community can no longer be denied coverage based on who they love or how they identify.

Certified Application Counselors will be on hand to talk about and answer questions about Medicaid expansion opening in Michigan April 1, along with enrolling participants in private health care plans. Andre Wilson, Senior Associate of Jamison Green & Associates, will lend his advice and expertise on transgender health care coverage. This event will provide the LGBT community space to address personal health care coverage concerns.

Participants are encouraged to review Strong Families Guide for LGBT People Choosing Health Care Plans, prior to attending the event. Hard copies are available at Affirmations. Those considering enrolling in health care plans must bring an income statement (e.g. W2, 2013 Final YTD pay stub) and any additional cost information relating to coverage you may be eligible for or have through an employer.

Please register for this free event online at