S1O_AlexanderCharles_SQBy Charles Alexander

Originally printed 5/26/2016 (Issue 2421 – Between The Lines News)

There are many experiences that are alien to most people: walking on the moon, winning the big bucks lottery, being gashed by a grizzly bear, doing H, weighing 400 pounds, and having implant boobs.

Because my life tends to be introspective, devoid of untoward kink — and boob implant free — I’m curious to know what it’s like to experience the unique and unusual (as long as it doesn’t ultimately involve attending 12-step co-dependency meetings).

A quick-read paperback called Esquire Presents: What It Feels Like (Three Rivers Press) is a collection of dozens of first-hand accounts of real life experiences, physical exceptions and trauma survivals.

After reading these fascinating and often scary anecdotes, I got to thinking about my own long-ago cliffhanger that I’d like to boast about because of its genuinely heroic content. It happened at age 13, and was life threatening.

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